How is it like to study at WHU. A University that claims to be one of the best universities in Europe when it comes down to business. “Our academic programs and our training programs for executives offer a suitable training concept at any time during your professional career.” This is the official definition on the […]

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Pizza Talks 

Something that I experienced especially in the last couple of months how much food and cooking brings people together. It sounds so strange when I say that I believe that I made many friends my cooking with or for them and sitting down eating pizza , pasta , burgers , currys, salads , pancakes Oder […]

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Mexican Wraps

Heeeeeelooooo, especially the last few months I really have been into fitness. I would say that I was already a fit and active person before March but I wanted to built up a lot more muscle a lot quicker. And no don’t you worry I will not bulk and transform into a female body builder […]

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The Glow Up 

Hey peeeepz, School is nearly over and I can not explain how it feels like… A few months ago I would have said that I will be sad and confused by the idea of leaving the place that I spent most of my time in.School! Let’s face it: For 12 years I did nothing but […]

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An Image. This is a picture of me taken for my Snapchat. The people I sent it to could only see this for 3 seconds. And how long did I need taking it? Definitely longer than 3 seconds. I have to admit that I post videos and pictures all the time. Is that because I […]

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Amazing Vegan dish especially for you who do not have a lot of time on their hands but still feed their bodies the best foods!

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Hey babes. Before I will talk about how I met Hillary Clinton in the outback I wanna talk real wuick about my experience in Camden. It’s funny how I seemed to dislike the countryside so much. It is not about the nature itself it is more about the accommodation that you mostly have in such […]



Our next destination of our journey was Boston. To my surprise Boston is so beautiful  and charming. You can imagine it like a more country style, clean and little less busy New York! I loved it. We  stayed at the Ames Hotel which is luckily directly in the center of the City and only a […]